days past: a february ’21 recap

 Hey everyone! Has it already been two months in 2021? I shall be continuing these ‘Recap’ posts as an extra each month, so even if I do not post a lot, I will have that post to come. It will be chronicling books, writing, studying, blogging, and other fun stuff going on in my life that month.

The year is already flying by. This little place n the internet where I want to write about anything and everything I want to is blossoming into something bigger. Perhaps it is time we accept the new normal and cherish it instead of lamenting.

In which I explain my life as a middle grade student + what I have been reading (or not reading.)

Reading has been happening… Though not as much as I would have liked, for I have been suffering from the reading slump, alias, the inability to read after finishing a really, really good book. I’m looking at you, Lord of Shadows and Chain of Gold. 

It is probably also the fact I need Chain of Iron, the sequel to Chain of Gold and it is being released in—guess what?—three days. Reading slump.

I’m honestly thinking of re-reading a favourite, because this reading slump has hit me hard. It’s like I want to read, but I cannot. Do you have any book recommendations, from any genre? Tell me in the comments, please! It would really help! Also my Goodreads TBR pile has grown so huge over the past few days! 

Oh, oh, oh! Before I get on, I’d also like to announce that Rick Riordan, one of my favourite Middle Grade authors, is releasing a standalone outside of the Percy Jackson arc: Daughter of the Deep! I am so excited for this, almost as excited as I am for Chain of Iron, and also it is based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a classic by Jules Verne.

Studying has also been happening, which led to the creation of another one of this month’s posts. I really like this month’s posts, for I published three, and only two is January, which was a huge leap! 

My finals are up this March, and then we’ve got summer break, which is (to me) a synonym for paradisiacal heaven. (That’s a word.)

In English class in school, we were meant to read Act 3, Scene 1, of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Shakespeare: unabridged. It was so beautiful, and hilarious, I might read the entire thing. The only thing that’s making me hesitate is the fact that it’s written in archaic English, and I do not enjoy that very much!

In which I give random life updates + talk about the blogger life

 February has been a lean-back-and-chill month for me. Just after our mid-terms, long before our finals—nothing much to do!

Blogging. I am extremely happy with my Blogger and WordPress blog, and I’ve got, like, 55-60 followers on both of them combined, and I’ve also been posting a lot more, which I’m really happy about. 

Starting with that letter to my 8-year-old self, and ending with this wrap-up, blogging-wise I have been quite productive this month!

Bloggers. Here are my current favourites, forgive me if I do not mention yours. But put your blog down in the comments! I will check it out right away! Maggie @ Maggie’s DoodlesEvin @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings, Miriam @ Inside Miriam’s Mind and Maryam @ Infinitely a Daydreamer

Then comes the aspect of Covid, which I am sorry to say, has nearly been going on for a year, and if you want to hear my thoughts on that, check out The Beauty of a Thousand Stars, where I offer some encouragement and hope to myself, and everyone else too. 

And as I said there, things have begun to open up. My uncle, who works for the navy, has even got vaccinated, and it is only a matter of time before we all do too. 

Songs! I rediscovered my love of music through violin, and here are my favourites this month! Closer, by the Chainsmokers, Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Firework by Katy Perry Have you heard any of these? 

That practically sums up my February, and I am pretty happy with my progress! I have not watched anything on TV for a long, long time, and my friends have been bugging me to watch Girl meets World! Have you seen that, and did you like it? What do you like watching on Netflix?

Now, for my March goals. Study. Study. Study. *rolls eyes* 

I have my finals coming up, as I mentioned, and I have a lot to cover, so that is top priority. Then, working out: I shall probably try Chloe Ting’s new workout programme too, those always seem to help. 

I am also working on this fantasy novel, taking place in an imaginary world; set in the 1930s. I’m quite excited about it—it’s based on a tyrannical ruler, and the protagonist and her friends who stop him. 

I would also like to read Throne of Glass, Queen of Air and Darkness, and the book I have been waiting for a month now—Chain of Iron! Keeping my expectations low, just in case. These books are 416, 912 and 668 pages respectively! Sorry for my current YA fiction addiction—I’m sure it’s just a phase.

And blogging, once again, I want to publish 3-4 posts!

Well that’s enough of me ranting on and on! What about you? What are you reading, studying in school, and what do you think of the pandemic and most importantly, do you think the situation has improved? Tell me down in the comments!

Sending you a little bit of sunshine,

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