All my blog graphics are designed with Canva. My photos have all been taken from Unsplash, otherwise the credit will be linked on the post. Any images of books have been taken from Goodreads

graphics & fonts πŸ“œ

My header and graphics have been designed with Canva, and they belong to me, so please don’t use them on your website. Make your own designs with Canva, instead! The following are the watercolour clipart links:

The mauve flower garden: Pinterest

The shower of stars: Clipartbrat

The lavender butterfly: Shutterstock

The dreamcatcher: Wire Moon Jewelry @ Pinterest

The purple dream tree: Reddit

The heart baubles: Pinterest

The floral-themed books: Pinterest and Stock Adobe

The books and/or candles: 123rf.com

Most of my fonts are from Canva and the main one you see in all of my graphics is Apricots.

The one I used to write my sidebar graphics + the tagline in the header is a font I made: it’s what my real handwriting looks like.

Occasionally, I include my blog’s link in a graphic, and the font I used for that was the Jingleberry font, also from Canva.

I did use a watercolour swatch at some point in time, and it was from Angie Makes. I overlaid it with the Brusher font, once again from Canva

For The Beautiful Lucinda in My WIP, I used the Pterra font.

copyright πŸ“‹

All the text on this blog (save the Goodreads blurbs) are mine. Please do not copy them, or if you do, please give me credit.

Thank you for sticking around. There’s no registered copyright, of course, but it would be really heartbreaking to see my content plagiarised. I hope you understand. Make your own things, instead!

contact πŸ“ž

At the moment, I am not accepting collaboration requests or emails regarding my blog. Should there be anything you have to say, comment on my latest post (or via my social media). I might or might not respond to your emails because I do not know who is on the other side of the screen and it might seem vigilant but it’s for the best πŸ™‚

I’m always there to answer your comments, so feel free to reach out via Goodreads, Twitter, NaNoWrimo, Instagram or in the comments if you want to request a collab/have anything to say!

Much love xx