Summer Diaries #3 (ft. the Never Have I Ever tag + character case study)

I've never skim-read a book? Is Sophie Foster an unrealistic character? Today's Summer Diaries features the Never Have I Ever book tag and a character case study! I'll be answering some Never Have I Evers and analysing what makes a GOOD character.

The Pros and Cons of Being A Teenage Blogger (ft. the blogger life)

Hey everyone! Recently, I realised that like everything else that's happening around us, there's a flip-side to blogging, too. So I decided to compile what I love and don't like about blogging into this post. Read on to see if your pet peeves made it to the list! Being a teenage blogger is brilliant. As… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Being A Teenage Blogger (ft. the blogger life)

Summer Diaries #2 (ft. Earth Day, Book Day + Harry Potter analysis)

Hey everyone! It has been yet another week in the life of yours truly in the heat of the summer! A week which celebrated many brilliant things, and in which I did an analysis of one of my favourite book series—the Harry Potter series! Summer Diaries is a series I'm doing in my holidays and… Continue reading Summer Diaries #2 (ft. Earth Day, Book Day + Harry Potter analysis)

My February Recap

 Hey everyone! Has it already been two months in 2021? I shall be continuing these 'Recap' posts as an extra each month, so even if I do not post a lot, I will have that post to come. It will be chronicling books, writing, studying, blogging, and other fun stuff going on in my life… Continue reading My February Recap

Inside my Journal!

Hey everyone! Today, I'll be displaying my journal here, full of little doodles, fashion ideas and some notes I write on a daily basis. Journaling is a way I express myself and it's something I always enjoy doing. (Also, there's a surprise for you, yes you!—at the very end of this post!)