About The Girl

“It was impossible, of course. But when did that ever stop any dreamer from dreaming.”

—Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer

Hello! I’m Maya, the girl behind Pretty Little Scribbles! I am a fourteen-year-old aspiring author and current high-school student, bibliophile, dancer, music-lover, and wearer of a thousand (metaphorical) hats.

For me, usually, creativity comes out in the realms of literature or the arts. I could ramble about either of those for hours, but I’ll just say that they have both shaped who I am as a person, and I am so beholden to exist in a world where they do too. I’m usually studying or plotting for my apparently incessant novel-in-progress: The Star-Crossed Kingdom.

My motto is, ‘Plus est en vous,” which is French for “There is more in you.” There is more in all of us than what first meets the eye, and that is the beauty of the seemingly idiosyncratic personality behind what we show to the world outside. There is more in all of us. Even you. 

Long conversations are among my favourite things, and it only gets better when a mug of hot chocolate is involved. I love, love, love literature—it’s been a part of my life ever since I opened that first Enid Blyton book. I like books about orphans who go to wizarding institutes intended to kill bald, pale nose-less evil guys. (No, I’m normal I promise.)

I’m an introvert to the core, and among my favourite books in the world are Wuthering Heights, and The Shadow of the Wind, (and a million more, so just check out my Goodreads!) I’m a huge Disney fan, of the belief that the world always needs a bit more magic. And I really like getting to know new people. So, hello, there! I do hope that you stick around ♥

some random facts about me 💖

  • I’m 5’7″
  • My favourite colour is purple 💜
  • I prefer tea to coffee and hot chocolate to any of those
  • I’m the biggest Taylor Swift fan ever (no, literally, I have her lyrics tattooed on the inside of my head and it’s in red underline.)
  • I am obsessed with sitcoms & chick flicks – Modern Family and Gilmore Girls being my favourites ❤
  • If I were to live anywhere else in the world, it would be Cape Town, SA
  • I am trilingual, i.e. I can speak, read and write three languages
  • I’m an Enneagram 4, an INFP and an absolutely hopeless romantic
  • I play the guitar & the piano and I love writing songs

my life in pictures; a few of my favourite things 📸 (cue soundtrack)

Thank you so much for reading and though I don’t accept emails at the moment, I would love to talk to you in the comments of my latest post, or on social media (find me all the places here)! Remember that there is yet hope regardless of what’s happening wherever you are and I hope you stick around ♥

last update: November 21st, 2021