The Beauty of a Thousand Stars

Hey everyone! It seems we have found that little ray of hope in these dark times. Things are starting to open up. Hours turned into days, which turned into months and—has it really been a year? A year none of us hope to see again. The weary world has nothing to go on, but sometimes, hope is all that keeps us going. Sometimes we must go on, if not for anyone else but the ones who care for us.

For these past months were nothing short of utter chaos. We lost more than a hundred thousand lives, in our country only. Each life has so much to it—the loss of my teacher affected our whole school, for example.

Our minds have been tangled, we have been lost, some of us with nothing to go on. I felt that way sometimes myself—when I had loads to do, but I would just sit on the floor and stare at the clock, watching the seconds turn into minutes, and suddenly, those moments would never come back to me. Everyone feels like that sometimes, it’s only human

But even the darkest night will end. And the sun will rise. And we will try again.

The night does seem at the world’s darkest, but remember the night, metaphorically or literally, has its stars. The little spark in the sky, those little diamonds of hope.

For that is the beauty of a thousand stars. The night has a thousand eyes, they say, and yes, yes it does. For however dense, however melancholic the world seems, there are countless blessings around you right now. 

And that is why the world goes on. For months we’ve been locked up—I missed going to school, gossiping with my classmates about who likes whom, whether a missing teacher got fired or not, about the teachers’ catchphrases…

Something as simple as going to a locker and taking out a book for an English class isn’t something I thought I’d miss. But that is normalcy. And normalcy is something, like vision or silence, perhaps—that I didn’t realise was precious—until I lost it.

And there it was, that little ray of sunshine—of hope

So, I guess that’s the point of all this rambling—to remind you and myself, that even in the dark, the darkest of nights, there is a little sparkle of a star. 

The beauty of a thousand stars, the blessings around us, the little things we overlook. If this worldwide pandemic has taught us something, it is to value normalcy. To value what we’ve always had, for the next day, the next second, even, we might not have that.

So I shall value what I have now, for normal is always changing. I shall be grateful for what I have now, for I might not have it tomorrow. And I shall carry with me at all times, that little ray of hope—the beauty of a star in the darkness—for I believe that at the end, good shall triumph.

And the darkest hours are always before dawn

The months of waiting are finally, finally coming to an end. This past year, we’ve found ourselves praying for a little bit of sunshine, a spark of hope—but that hope is within us itself. 

We’re going out again, my school might reopen for the next semester—but I’ve spent the entirety of my seventh year at home, staring at a laptop screen, and yet, all is not lost. The stars, the sparkles of hope are always there, we’ve always got something to be grateful for, something we hope for, something that keeps us going. 

And now that the world is rejoicing, the world is slowly regaining its vigour, and we shall be normal, we shall see our friends and we shall be free again. The world will probably be healthier, and happier, and that time is near. Hopefully, this brought you a little sparkle in these dark times.

Did you like the post? What do you think about the beauty of the stars, the tiny little blessings around us? Do you too feel that the world is finally opening up, that we are finally going into brighter times? Tell me in the comments!

Sending you a little bit of sunshine,

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