What To Watch For Tweens And Teens (ft. Disney+ and Netflix)

Hey everyone! Looking for something to watch on TV that's fun and entertaining? Well, look no further! Here's my personal list of favourite TV shows and movie series for fans of YA books, for tweens and teens and for anyone who's confused as to what to watch! Between the ages of 12 and 14, there… Continue reading What To Watch For Tweens And Teens (ft. Disney+ and Netflix)

Hello, June!+ A Sibling Relationship Analysis

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for 200+ followers! It really means a lot! Today is a rather early welcome to June and a discussion of my favourite sibling relationships! Check to see if yours made the list, because there are so many amazing fictional siblings. What does make a sibling relationship more realistic in… Continue reading Hello, June!+ A Sibling Relationship Analysis

Summer Diaries #4: A Day In The Life of a Quaran-Tween + an award!

Join me as I go through a day in my life, but Quaran-tween edition! From baking cookies to Zoom calls with my buddies, it's all in Summer Diaries Volume 4!

Book Reviews: The Grisha Trilogy and The Princess Diaries

Join me in my attempt to organise my reading life in this new series—Weekly Reading Wrap-ups! Today, we're discussing the renowned Grisha Trilogy, and The Princess Diaries!

Summer Diaries #3 (the Never Have I Ever tag + character case study)

I've never skim-read a book? Is Sophie Foster an unrealistic character? Today's Summer Diaries features the Never Have I Ever book tag and a character case study! I'll be answering some Never Have I Evers and analysing what makes a GOOD character.