summer diaries #1: and at last i see the light πŸŒ„

When things are at the worst they can possibly get, there’s always this notion that washes over me, saying, “it can only get better from here,” and gosh… it has. The last few months have got me reminiscing, almost reliving early 2020 and I think we’re finally at the end of the tunnel (NOT jinxing anything! 🀞) But, regardless, I’ve been doing so much better especially since in my little corner of the world we welcomed summer a few days ago.

Also, I did manage to watch most of the Grammys as it was streamed and I am a little underwhelmed because I was actually rooting SOUR to with AOTY. It didn’t, though, even though it practically dominated the entirety of ’21 🀷. But I loved the Happier Than Ever performance (literal goosebumps) and Liv’s outfit paralleled Taylor’s from 2010 + she dropped her Grammy which was so funny. And that moment with the guy from BTS.

Anyway, this post is a welcome to summer, a recap of my year (so far) and a life update in general. To me, this spring/early summertime of the year has always represented hope 🌼. Biking down the streets of my town and seeing it come to life with the prettiest pink trumpet trees, and the pool opening up again (the swimming season is here,) it just feels a little bit like light. A much-needed life update:

  • a little weekend getaway
    we went to a quaint woody dreamland about a couple hours from where we live – my sister and i had the time of our lives.

  • getting a dog. say hello to Lulu, a Maltipoo (cross between a poodle & Maltese!)
    we got a dog! she’s just about four months now and still can’t go out on walks until she’s vaccinated but gosh, she’s cute. (lulu’s also going through this biting phase now because she’s teething where she bites everything within twenty centimetres of her mouth.)

  • re-read The House of Hades after forever on my summer trip
    i almost forgot how awesome this series was – and all the percabeth in this caught me off guard. time to get my sister to read the series.
  • watching Greenhouse Academy
    i’ve been watching so much TV recently but my sis and i are currently bingeing this – much to my mother’s chagrin – but it’s really good.
  • my trip this summer to the north-Himalayan region [post coming!]
    this was SO beautiful – a road trip of sorts – but a photo dump is on its way!

  • writing & learning a bunch of songs on the guitar
    if you want to learn some easy songs (a lot of Taylor Swift) i suggest nena shelby on youtube
  • i got wordle in two on my birthday which caught me by surprise
    ?? sheer luck.
  • turning 14 & getting ready for freshman year!!
    my bestie and i [suh you better be listening] will be celebrating the ninth grade Alexa & Katie style. also, i cut my hair after forever and got my braces off! presenting the birthday ‘fit:

  • sunsets & sunrises + long walks with my best friend
    i woke up crazy early on the morning of my physics exam to revise and actually caught the sunrise which was so magical. after our exams my bestie and i started going on long walks and ended up talking about such random stuff? but they were so fun.
  • playing Jenga, Jenga, oh and some more Jenga.
    my cousins are obsessed with Jenga for some reason and there are a ton of pictures of towers from weird angles on my mom’s phone now.

  • going on a ton of biking trips around the city & watching spring blossom everywhere
    and finding new places to eat breakfast! this one’s from a waffle/pancake place but we got some continental food too. (picture credits to my mom & sister because i was too hungry to bother.)

This was a pretty short post, but I had so much fun writing it. I’ve been dancing, working out a lot, listening to & making a lot of music and having a lot of fun lately. I’m in a really good place with everything right now and I suppose that’s when you know things are about to get a lot harder. As It Was came out a while ago and I’m loving this new Harry Styles era. Here’s my summer of ’22 playlist:

Also, I cannot wait to watch the new Heartstopper series on Netflix. I’ve been reading a ton of mystery/suspense novels lately (Dan Brown is awesome) and this series called A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Well, I hope y’all are having fun, living your best life! Until next time xx

37 thoughts on “summer diaries #1: and at last i see the light πŸŒ„

  1. Another great post. I Love your posts so much you know ❀ . Glad to know you had an amazing vacay! Long walks with ur friend! 😍😍😍. Lulu is so cute, i have wanted a dog forever haha! And the photos were all so beautiful as always!!β™‘β™‘


  2. Omgggg you started Greenhouseeeee😭😭😭😭😭 which season/ep are you on because man I have re-watched it like thrice and still cannot get over it!! Can we just talk about LEO AND HAYLEY!!!??😭
    Anyways, ahh Lulu is soo cute, I wish I could pet her right away looking at the pictureπŸ₯Ί
    Also belated happyyy birthdayyyπŸ’– and best of luck celebrating ninth grade in the a&k styleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    ALSO AGGGTM.??? That’s my favourite book everrrrrrπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— I would do anything to get to read it for the first time again.
    I also watched a bit of the grammys. And it’s crazy how Olivia got 3 GRAMMYS? That’s a huge accomplishment.
    And woww your photography is AMAZING, like I always say.


  4. LULU IS SO CUTE 😭😭 honestly the tiniest cutest thing. Yess I really loved Greenhouse Academy, I watched it ages ago but it was pretty interesting. Also good job and good luck on your guitar playing! It definitely is super fun and fulfilling but the callouses are annoying lolll. Awesome post Maya! ❀

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  5. Ahhh Maya it’s so great to read your lovely posts again!! πŸ’–πŸ₯Ί
    That weekend getaway SEEMS LIKE SUCH A BLAST ?? Those photos look STUNNING AHH! And omg even though I’m deathly afraid of dogs LULU LOOKS SO ADORABLE πŸ₯Ί! EEKK house of hades is probably my favorite from the entire Heroes of Olympus series, it was just top tier and uncle rick sure likes to toy around with our emotions huh? 😭
    Also I just finished the heartstopper show and I’m in absolute LOVE??? Hope you adore it as well!!

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    • thank you ❀ yes she's so cuteee. i miss heroes of olympus so much and yes, house of hades is probably the best! YES heartstopper is *everything*! thanks for reading πŸ™‚


  6. aahhh Lulu is so cute!! ooh and you started Greenhouse! what episode? i remember being OBSESSED with that a year ago, lol.
    asjkfdh house of hades! gosh, i was (&still am!) freaking addicted to that book- the percabeth content kills me every single time and the other characters [screams incoherently]

    although i disliked AGGGTM#1, i love the sequels!! hope you enjoy them ❀ lovely, aesthetic photos as always!

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    • thank you! oh i just finished it and yes, it was awesome!! YES i lovee the percabeth content and rick just LOVES leaving us hanging at the end hahaha. yup, agggtm got so much better as the series progressed. thanks for reading :))

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  7. Hey Maya!!! Lovely post!!!! Lulu is just adorable!!! ✨ I used to love Greenhouse Academy a few years back!! It’s a great show!!! Getting Wordle in 2 two tries seems like the perfect birthday gift, hehe!! πŸ˜‰
    Hope you have a great freshman year 😊

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    if you ever wake up to find lulu missing, know that someone (who may or may not be me) has kidnapped her. SHE LOOKS SO CUTEEE ❀❀ all the photos are GORGEOUS like always, AND THE WEEKEND GETAWAY LOOKS AMAZING!! i remember bingeing greenhouse academy with my sister a few years back AND BEING OBSESSED WITH IT. I LOVE THIS POST OBVIOUSLY and best of luck for 9th grade!!


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