loki: tv series review || mind: blown || life & literature ep. 4

These past few weeks, I—not unlike the rest of the world—have been relentlessly watching Marvel Studios’ new TV series: Loki. It features the titular anti-hero (whom everyone loves) who, after the events of Avengers: Endgame was in possession of the Tesseract and got offered a ‘job’ at something called the TVA.

Yes, that’s all we were given. Also a whole two years waiting for this show.

I absolutely loved it. Loki was just given so much potential and there were so many new characters introduced! I adore Marvel films as it is, but what they can do with just one character is simply mind-blowing!

That having been said, watch me lose my mind over 6 weeks of Wednesdays when each episode was released. I’ve documented my process (it was so very fun) as the episodes came out.

Well, if you haven’t watched the show, go right down here to see my overall thoughts.

Let’s get to it!

1: Glorious Purpose

I am burdened with Glorious Purpose

Let’s catch y’all up. Last time we saw Loki, we were all the way back at the alternate Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012. Loki lead the Chitauri invasion but then he got caught and the Tesseract was taken. In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers tried and failed to get the Tesseract from 2012 but guess who got it instead? Yes, you’re right: it’s Loki.

I loved how this episode just raised so. many. questions.

The only thing I could even think after this was: what? Who, why, when, where how? I loved Mobius and Loki’s dynamic so much, haha. There’s definitely something bigger than this TVA, but those flashback clips from The Dark World and Ragnarok definitely gave me all the feels.

So there definitely isn’t much I can say right now, since it’s only just started (you saw those first 3 WandaVision episodes; they were crazy) but having Loki back on screen is more than enough.

2: The Variant

Existence is chaos. Nothing makes any sense, so we try to make some sense of it.

This episode had me confused too, but one of my key takeaways: Miss Minutes is creepy.

My theory is that the girl Loki is going to be his love interest. I think the TVA knows something as a whole or there’s something being kept from them. The Lokis are both capable of magic, but the ‘hiding on disaster places’ tactic is actually kinda cool.

Hunter B-15 just seems sad. She’s missing something but she’s so funny. Right now, I’m confused as to whether or not the timeline is okay. And if Mobius thinks the Lokis have betrayed him or not. Well, next Wednesday it is.

3: Lamentis

Love is an invisible dagger

Loki’s bisexual? Lady Loki, i.e. Sylvie, is bisexual? Years of head canons finally confirmed: I mean how wonderful is that!? I actually low-key ship them right now, but it would be so heartening to see them develop a platonic sibling relationship, in all honestly. Loki needs that. The entirety of the MCU does.(They are the same person so would that be, like, selfcest, so no. But… it’s Marvel, so maybe?)

I loved how we got relationship development, how we got to see Loki being himself again (but drunk so bonus points) and also a little more about this ever-mysterious TVA. Honestly, though, it just gets more confusing as the series progresses. But, like WandaVision, it’ll probably have this killer finale which will drown all of our expectations and that’s the MCU we know.

There was this one dialogue Loki said: ‘Now I see… you lack vision.’ I literally yelled, ‘Wanda does, too!’

No, but the banter between Lady Loki and Loki is everything and now that I think about it, it would be so lovely if she gets close to Loki like Frigga did. I’m still not over that horrifying death scene from The Dark World. Loki singing in Asgardian was everything. I think that’s pretty much it for this episode and it was relatively shorter than the other two. That old lady on the plant definitely creeped me out, though; I don’t know if she’s a plot point or I’m just obsessing.

I tend to do that. It’s the reason the totality of this review even exists.

4: The Nexus Event

—This-this is new for me.

The only thing I could think after this episode was ‘no.’ Why is this so heart-shattering? No idea. Is it heart shattering? Yes, yes it is.

I shipped them, in all honesty, but did it have to end that way? My cousins watched this with me and we were all over the place after this. Obviously Loki isn’t dead (the show’s named after him and he’s been dead like, more times than I can count so he’s going to come back either way) but who really runs the TVA if not the time-keepers?

Sylvie is a queen, okay? I mean I thought Wanda was the best female MCU character, but it just might be Sylvie. She’s so bold and even though we know practically nothing of her past and her backstory(s), it does seem like she’s been through a lot.

5: Journey Into Mystery

Well, what did you expect?

Could this get any funnier?

I think not.

We are met by multiple Lokis: my favourite by far, of course, Alligator Loki. (He’s the Milo the Goat if that’s relatable.) If you throw a stone in the Void, you’re most likely to hit a Loki.

Apparently Kid Loki’s Nexus event was that he killed Thor. I mean Loki’s face fell, but would he really kill Thor? Sylvie pruning herself was so sweet! I’ve never hated Ravonna more than I did just then, but my favourite part of this whole episode waws Mobius hugging Loki but telling Sylvie that she was his favourite ♥

I mean you don’t get any cuter than that. See, it’s kinda obvious that Marvel wants us to ship them with all the Kaz-Inej level stares and/or handholding, but with this self-cest-y subplot, I’m still in two minds. The majority of me wants to ship them and so I will.

The castle at the end was all purple like back on Lamentis (purple and green seem to be the main colours for the whole series) and I think the person behind the TVA is going to be there. Well, let’s see!

6: For All Time. Always.

I don’t want a throne. I just… I just want you to be okay.

*cue scream*

No! Trust Marvel to do something like this. Could this affect the entirety of the MCU or is this only in Loki’s timeline?

We saw Sylvie and Loki go into the castle (Miss Minutes is creepy: ‘Hey y’all!) and a mysterious He Who Remains lecture them about the timeline. Pretty boring, but things got exciting when Sylvie and Loki started to fight over whether or not to kill him.

We see Sylvie kiss him (mixed thoughts; but I think it was real) and then we realise it was a tactic to get him Tem Paded back to the TVA. She then murders He Who Remains and… And we’re back at the TVA.

Mobius has no memory whatsoever of Loki (forget the jet-ski.) and a huge statue of He Who Remains adorns the ground floor of the TVA. What? No clue. We’ll have to wait for Season 2 to find out. (Post-credits scene, y’all.)

Also wasn’t that intro just beautiful?

 🎬 overall thoughts

In summation this show has got to be one of the best the MCU’s ever made. I loved how much this opened up for the MCU, and I also loved the new characters introduced and Loki’s love interest which makes things a little more cliff-hanger-ey.

What I’m most shocked about was that ending and what it could mean for the MCU as a whole. Does this mean the whole timeline is changed, or is this one of those branch timelines?

Well, I do hope you enjoyed that review of Loki and if it was unclear, this show is definitely 5 stars for me! I loved it so much, and I’m intrigued as to what it could mean for the MCU.

I am absolutely pumped for a Season 2 and I can’t wait! If you’re here and you haven’t watched any Marvel movies, I suggest this order:

Marvel’s The Avengers
Thor: The Dark World
Thor: Ragnarok
Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Endgame

…. and then watch Loki. Or you probably won’t understand a thing. This is, of course, if you haven’t watched a single Marvel film and want to get on to Loki immediately. If you’re big on the chronological order, here’s the entire list of MCU films with the order. It’s going to take you a while to catch up.

For those of you who’ve watched all the films, do check out Honest Trailer’s version of the films! Honest Trailers is an initiative which makes spoofs off of movies and their MCU films are hilarious. Here’s the playlist.

Rating: ★★★★★

Have you watched Loki or started it? What do you think of it? Or if you haven’t, does it sound like something you’d watch—do you like Marvel? Let me know in the comments! Until then xx

43 thoughts on “loki: tv series review || mind: blown || life & literature ep. 4

  1. I absolutely love LOKIIIIII! I mean both of them. So far, this has been the best shows out of the three (Sorry wandavision!). I’ve loved how you’ve collected your thoughts. You’ve summarised everything so well! I cannot wait for season 2!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GREAT POST! I loved the show Loki, and ALL THE CHARACTERS are just amazing in it! I wonder too, what the whole Loki ending means for the MCU…

    Liked by 3 people

  3. EEk!! I just absolutely LOVE Loki!! I am yet to watch the finale (waiting on my family) so I read through your post until then (Thank you for making it easy not to spoil it btw). I also can’t help but ship Sylvie and Loki, but it’s weird because they’re.. each other? Ugh, why can’t it be normal!? 😂 Answer: it can’t because it’s Marvel XD

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Loki is so good! I love Sylvie, she’s such a great character. And you’re so right, Miss Minutes is really creepy. She just pops out of nowhere and is always very… “cheery?”
    That ending got me so confused. I have a theory of why Mobius didn’t remember Loki, but I guess we’ll have to wait for season 2, which can’t come soon enough.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Like, i thought the exact same thing lmao
        This is a great post lol. ❤
        Honestly, I cant decide between wandavision and loki, but i think they r both the best just in different ways.
        PS- I like how ur blog looks! Im going to go read some more posts! Cya!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ahh, thank you so much!! I know, they’re so amazing yet I can’t choose because they’re awesome in their own ways 😉 Aww, that means a lot! I’m going to go and check out your blog right now too!


  5. Loki is the best! He def opened multiverse and a new stage in MCU. Mobius didn’t remember Loki b/c it’s a different universe, now that there’s no one protecting the timeline, all universes ars opened to multidimensional travels of which we will know more in the new spider-man and doctor strange.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I actually loved the ending of Loki now with the multiverse! It’s definitely going to be super exciting for the next Spiderman and Doctor Strange movies! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh no, I must have missed this post as it didn’t appear on my reader. I haven’t been able to watch Loki yet :(. I really want to though…
    Your review is just so splendid and very detailed!!! I am absolutely stoked for Black Widow ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Hey there! Nice blog but in the review of the sixth episode you said, “Could this affect the entirety of the MCU or is this only in Loki’s timeline?”. But there is no Loki’s timeline. This is a Loki who is not supposed to exist. His timeline was erased. There is only one timeline. He was taken to the TVA to be erased from existence but he escapes. And yes now it affects the entirety of the MCU, everyone has free will from now in including the older characters we know. Other than that amazing review and blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. HA 100% agree that alligator loki and milo the goat have the same energy!! i was kind of upset by the finale just because they threw away a lot of the plot to explain the multiverse?? idk i kind of hoped they could balance characters and world building a bit better???? and don’t even get me started on the sylvie and loki ship *dramatic sigh*
    anyhow. loved reading your thoughts!!

    Liked by 1 person

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