days past: a may ’21 recap + a sibling analysis

Hey everyone! We just reached 213 followers and I’m absolutely shocked we made it past fifty. This little corner of the internet I started to consolidate my thoughts is becoming something more, and I’m here for it. Today’s post is a (rather early) welcome to June and a discussion of my favourite sibling relationships! Check to see if yours made the list because there are so many amazing fictional siblings. What does make a sibling relationship more realistic in literature and movies? Well, come and find out!

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My school beings in June and though my posting schedule might not be as regular as it was during April and May, the posts will be there!

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the journey begins.

Hello everyone and I am really excited today, as I’m writing my first-ever blog post! I am exhilarated to be here, and I do hope I shan’t give this hobby up as easily as I give up some of my other fleeting fancies. So, I launched my blog on 10-10-20 (a rather alliterated date) and I hope to continue it for a long time to come!

So, this is a lifestyle blog full of fun musings and my travels and reading and I really hope you find something nice to read in here.

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