Summer Diaries #4: A Day In The Life of a Quaran-Tween + an award!

Join me as I go through a day in my life, but Quaran-tween edition! From baking cookies to Zoom calls with my buddies, it's all in Summer Diaries Volume 4!

The Pros and Cons of Being A Teenage Blogger

Hey everyone! Recently, I realised that like everything else that's happening around us, there's a flip-side to blogging, too. So I decided to compile what I love and don't like about blogging into this post. Read on to see if your pet peeves made it to the list! Being a teenage blogger is brilliant. As… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Being A Teenage Blogger

My November Recap (blogger shoutouts!)

Hey everyone! I can't believe the moth is already over, and that we've got only a month left in this completely unprecedented year! This time, I decided to do a monthly round-up post, summing up all my favourite workouts, my favourite things to bake, some books I've been loving and yes, a few of my favourite bloggers!