My February Recap (goals, TBR, and songs!)

 Hey everyone! Has it already been two months in 2021? I shall be continuing these 'Recap' posts as an extra each month, so even if I do not post a lot, I will have that post to come. It will be chronicling books, writing, studying, blogging, and other fun stuff going on in my life… Continue reading My February Recap (goals, TBR, and songs!)

Wisps of Silver: A short story

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I reached 1.2k views on this blog, in just about a month, so thanks a lot, all of you! I'm nearly done with all the series by Rick Riordan, just finishing up on the latest Trials of Apollo novel. Today, I decided to write some fanfiction based on… Continue reading Wisps of Silver: A short story