Hello, dear reader, and thank you for coming to this page. The Beautiful Lucinda, if you are wondering, is my first-ever novel, my work-in-progress, which is currently at 80 thousand words. (I update this every ten thousand words, by the way.)

I designed this! I had to make it a purple colour scheme, obviously.

I will not stand for plagiarising of any sorts, and if you do plagiarize… well things have a way of coming back. Copying isn’t nice, so create your own beautiful characters and story and send them to me, because your work is wonderful!

This is set in a fictional island-country in the Atlantic Ocean named Celantur (Latin for ‘concealed.) It is inhabited by a group of people, Sternenkind (star-children) with stardust within them, who are doomed to be at eternal war with spirits from the Lost Realm, alias, the Spirit Realm. Other than Sternenkind, there are selkie in this world; seals who, by shedding their skin, become human (and engage in eldritch love affairs!) Lastly, pixies who are incorrigible kleptomaniacs, and are quite naughty.

The story begins early in the winter of 1938, when our protagonist, Lucinda, finds out she is to be married, as is in a dilemma about what to do. She then decides on joining her brother, who, two years ago went to work at the castle, and runs away. There, she finds the king has been keeping terrible secrets, and goes on to stop him, facing betrayal and failure, but finding love, friends and herself on the way. 

That is the roughest possible outline I can give you! There is so, so much more to the story, and it is a journey, at the end of which she is a changed person entirely.

Now to the interesting part! Character. There are four main characters. (There are millions of others) And they are the princess, Lady Beatrix, her suitor (okay, not really, her suitor is her best friend, but the two of them needed to be engaged so the King would let Daniel stay with the princess who is otherwise confined to the castle; it’s complicated,) Lucinda, our heroine, and her brother, Nathaniel.

Here’s a quick character sketch of these four, with their appearance. Only Lady Beatrix is white; the rest are mixed ethnicities.

Lady Beatrix: Sort of naïve as the book begins, think of Rapunzel in the tower, but she grows so much stronger (but still has that playful, youthful demeanour) as the book finishes. Blond hair, grey-blue eyes, pretty, but more striking than beautiful. Just turned 17 when the story starts. She’s bisexual.

Nathaniel: Dark brown hair, indigo eyes, think of Alec from the Shadowhunters TV show. Funny, composed, he goes through the least character development as he is the oldest: 17, nearly 18 when the story even starts.

Lucinda: Our protagonist. She has the same dark brown hair as her brother, Nathaniel, and goes through presumably the most character development. She has brown-green eyes, and her hair grows longer in the book. She is bold, not impulsive, but often tries avoiding issues in the beginning, which makes for her ‘fatal flaw,’ which is how her character develops, too.

Daniel: The most… interesting character, let’s say, shall we? He is the princess’s suitor in the beginning of the book, and he’s got black hair and hazel eyes… think Laurie from Little Women, I guess. He’s sort of brooding, anything but cynical and secretive at times.

And there you have it, reader! My work-in-progress, my little baby. I hope I don’t leave this another unfinished project, and that I can finish the first draft in this summer—maybe start on a new one in June. I do love writing, it’s something I discovered through this journey, but, no, I don’t think I’ll ever publish this (though I might put up a PDF document for all my blog readers, if they want to read it.)

Thank you for sticking around till here; sorry if I bored you—I probably did! But here’s a little snippet of Lady Beatrix checking in on her sick father.

Lady Beatrix strode through the winding corridors of the castle and once she came upon her father’s room, she realised she did not quite know what to say. Of course, she would not need to improvise yet another lie; she would repeat what they had said to Grimscare.

She would start with a greeting. Pull yourself together, Daisy, she told herself. It won’t do you any good at all if he sees through your blatant lie!

“Lady Beatrix?” came a voice in front of her. She whipped her head up, her eyes wide.

“Advisor Faville! Might I check in on my father? I heard he took a turn for the worse this morning!”

“Oh, I do assure you it is only a mild chill; you needn’t fret! Please, go ahead,” he gestured toward the door. “It would do him good to see you.”

“You wouldn’t mind terribly if I ask that I speak to him secluded, would you Mr Faville?” she asked as politely as she could.

With an awkwardly raised eyebrow, he replied, “Oh, no, not at all! I just hope you shan’t mind the medic’s presence.” He tugged at the doorknob gently, peeling the door open.

She murmured a quick vote of thanks to Mr Faville and entered the room, her hands tentative as they shut the door, her feet gingerly making their way to his bed.

“Papa,” she said. “Are you any better? I heard you were under the weather and came over here as soon as I was able!”

“My dear, you mustn’t bother,” he wheezed. He really was ill, Beatrix reckoned. “What is it?” he asked, searching her face. “Is there anything you wish to speak to me about?”

“I did come to see how you were doing, Papa,” she began, not wanting him to think she was there solely for her egotistical requisites. “But, seeing that I am here, I would like to know if—if I may see the Sternenkind Games this year.”

So there you have it, The Beautiful Lucinda! I won’t name it The Beautiful Lucinda all through, obviously, but that’s what I’m calling it until I can come up with a suitable title. Thank you once again for sticking around to read this very long and convoluted post!

(And, yes, if any of you are wondering, Lucie Herondale from The Last Hours series served as inspiration for the idea, though it is about more than just a long-lost suitor finding his true love.)

Really lastly now, you can check out my Pinterest board for this book! Thank you so much for reading

Sending you a little bit of sunshine
♥ Maya