2021: a year to remember || i’m feeling ’22 ✨

Glossing over the fact that I’m nearly twenty days late in this recap, 2021 is gone already. How?!

2021 was a great year in so many ways – I have nothing but good memories. I got to go to school again, I revamped my blog, I learnt to play the piano… but mostly I think it was a better year than 2020 because we’d sort of come to terms with the pandemic.

This year got off to a not-so-great start, considering my family contracted the virus and we were stuck quarantining for the longest time. I haven’t gone outside my house in more than a month and still haven’t. Sometimes I’m just sick of the whole thing, but isn’t everyone?

To write this post, I went back to Google Photos and relived every moment of last year and it was so special and also odd how quickly we can forget. And that’s part of the reason why I write because it helps me remember and I cherish memory like nothing else.

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Things I’ve Learnt From the Pandemic

Hey everyone! News has it, the second wave of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic is soon going to be upon us. Today I decided to make a list of everything I have learnt from this pandemic, and share it with all of you! The seemingly unfortunate events in our lives are only a learning ground for life-long lessons, and this pandemic will sure make a wonderful story for the generations that shall succeed us!

I’ll be looking upon the lockdown and the pandemic as a way to learn things, and including points I wish I knew before the lockdown, things I have learned over the course of last year, and what I now know. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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The Beauty of a Thousand Stars

Hey everyone! It seems we have found that little ray of hope in these dark times. Things are starting to open up. Hours turned into days, which turned into months and—has it really been a year? A year none of us hope to see again. The weary world has nothing to go on, but sometimes, hope is all that keeps us going. Sometimes we must go on, if not for anyone else but the ones who care for us.

For these past months were nothing short of utter chaos. We lost more than a hundred thousand lives, in our country only. Each life has so much to it—the loss of my teacher affected our whole school, for example.

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