it’s time to pause🌹 stop & smell the roses

Lately, I’ve been struggling to find the time to just pause.

In the tornado of life and school and dancing and travelling… I think I might’ve just gotten a little frazzled by it all. I needed a moment to step back… to just pause.

Pause and finally finish Origin by Dan Brown, which I’ve found absolutely no time to read. Pause and listen to Sabrina’s new album, because I haven’t even made it past track four. Pause and write this post.

I think life’s beauty often lies in simplicity which is something we overlook one too many times. I’m guilty of it – we all are. So caught up in the race to the finish line that we forget to stop and think about why we’re racing in the first place. To win? I don’t think so.

busy streets & busy lives

Sometimes we don’t have to be productive, we don’t have to sprint to the finish line. We’ve got this incredibly long list of things to finish set out in front of us – empty boxes waiting, just waiting to be ticked… and yet we can’t seem to bring ourselves to do anything.

I’ve got a test coming up in about fifty-two hours and my book’s in front of me, my headphones are on, and yet… it’s hard to get myself to study. I spent breakfast chatting with my family, I spent today afternoon binge-watching Stranger Things and I know it’s time to start doing something productive.

But you don’t have to. It’s okay to take a step back. It’s okay to enjoy the small things. Playing the guitar when it’s raining, watching Will Byers come home, dancing, writing a new song, spending some time with your best friends and realizing how magical those few minutes are.

you booked the night train for a reason

The little things. That’s what makes your days worthwhile.

I skipped school last Thursday to get my passport and we went to the beach after forever, and it was incredible. We went to a beautiful temple, roamed a village market and came home on a train and that day was one of the best I’ve had in a while.

One of my best friends had their birthday a couple weeks ago and we went to this new place for brunch and talked and laughed and gossiped and that was life at its peak for me. It’s those kind of days that make you realize how special certain people are to you.

little miss angel numbers

That was something I learnt in dance class a couple of weeks ago. That your self-worth isn’t defined by how much you’ve accomplished in an afternoon. That there’s always going to be a tomorrow – another chance for you to be kinder and smile a little more. Because (I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again) there’s always hope, there’s always something to hold on to.

I’m the kind of person who needs to know how the story ends. That’s probably why I rewatch more shows than I start, or why it’s hard for me to try new things, even. That sense of familiarity when you know what happens next is unparalleled.

And it isn’t always a good thing. You’ll find yourself trying in vain to see into the future, which is, after all, just an endless void of infinite possibilities. Live in the now. It’s something Olivia sang about in HSMTMTS S3: “You never know what place you’re gonna end up // Even better than you dreamt of, right where you’re meant to go.”

You never know what in store for you, so I guess it’s time to make the best of what we have now. It all boils down to the little things in our lives. What we cherish, and yet… what we overlook. It’s reminder – to myself, to you, to everyone – to try not take things for granted.

If anything, I hope all this rambling made you stop and think. Just for a moment. Pause and think about the best day you’ve had these past couple of months. Pause and think about what made you smile today or that person who makes you laugh till your insides hurt… and call them. Tell them you’re grateful for them. Because it’s the people and the special moments in your life that shape who you are.

Yes, I did spend an afternoon writing instead of reading a textbook or writing notes or cleaning my room, but I don’t regret it one bit. It cleared my mind because there was a lot weighing on it and using this space as an outlet; it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

And I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here, but I’ve kept it going for nearly two years now and I don’t intend on stopping, regardless of how long a break I take. Here’s to hope and love, here’s to grace and miracles. Here’s to always remembering that the best is yet to come.

How have things been going in your little corner of the world? Any Stranger Things fans out there? I’ve missed this space </3 Until next time xx

20 thoughts on “it’s time to pause🌹 stop & smell the roses

  1. I really love the relaxing, peaceful vibes of this post! You’re right, sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in checklists and rush through your days without reflecting on the beauty of the little things in life, so this was a nice reminder. And the pictures you included are stunning! 🥰
    Also, OF COURSE I’m a Stranger Things fan! 😁 Staying true to the spirit of this post, I neglected everything I was supposed to be doing, lay down in bed, and binge-watched both parts of season 4 right when they came out. I have no regrets 🙃

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  2. Loved your post! Sometimes just stepping out of our routines and paying attention to nature can refresh us to jump back into our lives with fresh eyes and purpose.

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  3. This was fantastic!
    You pressed on a topic that we all don’t admit to. But it was so good!
    keep writing, maya. Don’t ever stop! ❤
    You are one of my biggest inspirations and I don’t say it often enough but I do mean it.
    Also, trust your friend when she is saying something. It may be wild, but go for it! And we’ll always be there to help you take time to smell the roses, because that’s what friends do. ❤
    I mean, other than annoy the hell out of you with poems. 😛
    I can’t wait for your next post! It may be after the exams, but I’ll look forward to it nonetheless.
    I wish you clear skies, because I want to see more stars.

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    • ahh isha thank you so much!! this is the sweetest comment ever thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤
      i know exactly what you're talking about.. and yeah, i'll write more! i promise you'll be the first to read it.
      thank you thank you thank you once again ily ❤ ❤


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