things i’ve learnt from the pandemic

Hey everyone! News has it, the second wave of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic is soon going to be upon us. Today I decided to make a list of everything I have learnt from this pandemic, and share it with all of you! The seemingly unfortunate events in our lives are only a learning ground for life-long lessons, and this pandemic will sure make a wonderful story for the generations that shall succeed us!

I’ll be looking upon the lockdown and the pandemic as a way to learn things, and including points I wish I knew before the lockdown, things I have learned over the course of last year, and what I now know. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

—To appreciate what you have: This is perhaps the biggest lesson I have learnt. So big, I even wrote an entire post about it! If you were to ask my younger self, perhaps two years ago, if she enjoyed  school and going to classes every day, she’d probably be indifferent about it. 

But right now, I’d give quite a lot to go back to normalcy—without masks, without sanitization and without be wary of the distance from one another. It is something we failed to appreciate, and now we do. So perhaps, we should cherish this pandemic life, too! For when we are (if we are) back to our offline classes, we’ll miss being at home all the time, which in truth has its perks, too!

—Health is indeed wealth. It is a cliché, but it’s true: This is pretty self explanatory, but health is so very crucial in these dark days. Not just being safe and quarantining so one doesn’t contract coronavirus, but also staying fit, and eating healthy. So go for a run, or try Chloe Ting’s new workout program—you’ll be grateful for it!

—Nature is better off without us humans: It’s a hard truth, but we must humbly accept it. I’m sure we’ve all heard of those animal sightings, and whether that was fake news or not, animals and plants are thriving. It’s one of those silver linings to the coronavirus pandemic. 

picture credits – pinterest

When there are less cars and school buses on the street, there is less carbon footprint, and if there’s less carbon footprint, there’s less global warming and all of us know that’s amazing! But it is temporary. Only until we find a way to prevent the entrance of the coronavirus to the unaffected and a cure for the affected; until then we’ll watch nature thrive.

—The little things do matter: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do not remember the last time my friends and I played in the lawn without a mask; without distancing ourselves from each other. I don’t remember the last time I went to the swimming pool right outside my balcony. I don’t remember the last time I went to play tennis, or basketball. The little things do matter, and more than we know, actually.

—Relationships with friends and family are not to be compromised: The weekly Zoom calls in our group; the WhatsApp calls with my cousins and both sets of my grand-parents, these are things that aren’t meant to be forgotten. 

Yes, it’s true we can’t physically be there, but we can always call and chat—I think we’re doing a pretty good job of that, and we owe it all to one entity. Which brings us to…

—Technology is the new way of life: Another one of those hard truths. None of the immense medical advancement would have been possible without computers the latest technology—we do owe a lot to our gadgets. You are sitting in front of one right now; so am I! 

picture credit – unsplash

Our school, classes, work, everything for the past year has been possible only because of technology, and our screen time has obviously increased by a large measure. We have routers for WIFI in every single room of our house, and so do most of my friends, because it is one thing we’ve had to do ever since the pandemic started. 

—Self-care and Mental Health is important: Self-care is not decadence. It’s crucial to lead a healthy life: to add to your healthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling down, or know anyone who is, just urge them to take a break. Breaks are necessary for all of us. We all need to have some down time, and that is important. 

—It’s always good to have a hobby: Early when the pandemic began, one of my all-time favourite authors: the author who got me into reading, J. K Rowling announced a competition to illustrate her upcoming novel, The Ickabog. Perhaps I have discussed it in my posts, but it’s what got me into art!

Flashback to The Ickabog competition! It’s a great middle-grade read, by the way! These images are mine 🙂

So find something that you like to keep you busy! Maybe you already know what that special something is, and you want to pursue it? Don’t think twice, just go for it! Tell me in the comments what your hobby is!

—Nest eggs are necessary: My father taught me that one must always save for a rainy day. Or in this case, a pandemic. A worldwide pandemic is scary, and thus one must always have some sort of investments, some nest eggs, some rainy day money—for life isn’t always sunshine and daisies.

—We’re not going to go back to ‘normal’ for a long time to come: Hear me out. Normal is always changing, and I do not see myself simply going up to my friend and holding hands and talking like we did. It’s not going to be a possibility for a while now. So this is the new normal, and that could be a good thing, too. 

So we’ll be more careful in the future and value what we have more. I have learnt a lot from this pandemic and that is something I can cherish: something, no one of the good things that has come out of this unprecedented lockdown. So we’ll welcome wave two in the hopes of learning more, in the hopes of making a new, a better normal for all of us! We must never lose hope!

What do you think you have to take away from the Coronavirus Pandemic(™)? Is there anything you’d like to add on? What is something you wished you knew before you went into lockdown, and what would you like to tell your younger, self before they approached the pandemic? Let me know in the comments!

Sending you a little bit of sunshine,

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  1. Great post! I agree, keeping those friendship connections is really important right now. We need to be able to stay connected, especially since it’s hard to make new ones over Zoom.

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