days past: a february ’21 recap

 Hey everyone! Has it already been two months in 2021? I shall be continuing these ‘Recap’ posts as an extra each month, so even if I do not post a lot, I will have that post to come. It will be chronicling books, writing, studying, blogging, and other fun stuff going on in my life that month.

The year is already flying by. This little place n the internet where I want to write about anything and everything I want to is blossoming into something bigger. Perhaps it is time we accept the new normal and cherish it instead of lamenting.

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The Beauty of a Thousand Stars

Hey everyone! It seems we have found that little ray of hope in these dark times. Things are starting to open up. Hours turned into days, which turned into months and—has it really been a year? A year none of us hope to see again. The weary world has nothing to go on, but sometimes, hope is all that keeps us going. Sometimes we must go on, if not for anyone else but the ones who care for us.

For these past months were nothing short of utter chaos. We lost more than a hundred thousand lives, in our country only. Each life has so much to it—the loss of my teacher affected our whole school, for example.

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