dear 18-year-old me…

Hey Everyone! Today is a very fun post, as I’m going to be writing a letter to my future self! And I’ll read it when I’m 18! So this is how it works. I’m going to write a letter right now, and then, on my 18th birthday, (I hope I’ll still be blogging!!) I’ll copy this post into another post, and answer it! I literally can’t wait till I turn 18! I wish my 7-year old self did this for me…

This was an awesome idea inspired by one of What Lexie Loves‘ posts, and go and check out her amazing blog too!

Anyway, back to the letter!

Dear 18 year-old Maya,

Hi! I’m Maya, but you know, a younger version, and I hope you’re good! We’re in the middle of this crazy pandemic (Covid-19) right now, and I haven’t been out in ages!! Do you still have a blog? I really hope you do but, if you don’t you are going to click here, like right now! Now, if you still blog in this little corner of the internet, is your blog still called Pretty Little Scribbles? Obviously I just started blogging, so I might change it’s name..

Next, what job/profession have you taken up? Whatever you do, I still think you should blog as it seems—to me—a way to be more aware, and vent out your thoughts somewhere. If I had something to say to you, it would be… whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re happy and more importantly honest with yourself.

Happy Birthday, and if you’re reading this and you’re not yet 18, then I suggest that you press ALT+ F4, like now. If you’re enjoying reading this and writing a reply to it then please write one for the 25 year old Maya!! Please?

Enclosing a screenshot of my current blog theme! I really hope you still blog! And how many hits do you have? I’m at 200, but it is my second post. What about you? Have you finally gotten over the showing-your-face fear and started a YouTube channel to sing, or to draw, or even to vlog or just talk bookish?

Do you still go for any classes or are you too busy with high-school? And in the spirit of doubt, when did the Coronavirus pandemic end? I’m literally stuck at home studying for my exams right now (Everything’s online, right now, including our exams!)

I do hope you think that these days weren’t wasted for I don’t suppose we’ll be leaving home anytime soon. Perhaps I am just waiting for my future self to come into the past and tell me that things will be all right. I also hope you’re in shape. If it isn’t slightly presumptuous of me to ask, have you dated yet?

About friends: Do you still have the same friends? Have you met new people? Did you shift houses? Do you own an iPad with Procreate? Please tell me you do!!! And are you a digital illustrator now? Did you move schools? Alright, I didn’t mean to bombard you with questions, but a girl can be curious, can’t she?

I’m going to leave now, mainly because you’re going to have to study for your entrance exam, or like, some college application exam, so I’ll leave you in peace. I

Enjoy your day, dear future Maya! Hope this kept you from doing anything weird, silly or not good! See you in 5 years! (More like, ‘Be you in 5 years!’ but whatever.) Please write me a lovely response regardless of whether or not you have a blog!

♥ The 12 year old Maya.

So, that was it for the letter, and I had so much fun writing it! Also, if you’ve never done this before, I strongly suggest you do it , like, now! (Or, you know, whenever you feel like it!) But, you’ll end up wishing that you had one to write a response to now!

Thank you so much for reading, and do remember that if you’ve got a blog, I’d love to read it!! Just comment down below, and I’ll check out your blog 🙂



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