dear 18-year-old me…

Hey Everyone! Today is a very fun post, as I’m going to be writing a letter to my future self! And I’ll read it when I’m 18! So this is how it works. I’m going to write a letter right now, and then, on my 18th birthday, (I hope I’ll still be blogging!!) I’ll copy this post into another post, and answer it! I literally can’t wait till I turn 18! I wish my 7-year old self did this for me…

This was an awesome idea inspired by one of What Lexie Loves‘ posts, and go and check out her amazing blog too!

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the journey begins.

Hello everyone and I am really excited today, as I’m writing my first-ever blog post! I am exhilarated to be here, and I do hope I shan’t give this hobby up as easily as I give up some of my other fleeting fancies. So, I launched my blog on 10-10-20 (a rather alliterated date) and I hope to continue it for a long time to come!

So, this is a lifestyle blog full of fun musings and my travels and reading and I really hope you find something nice to read in here.

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